Friday, August 16, 2013

Chicago's Best

Today, I thought I'd shake it up a bit. I usually always post about fashion and save my activities for the weekend wrap up but I thought I'd share a super fun night I had last night!

If you didn't know this already...I live in Chicago. Not the actual city but The suburbs. I have lived here for almost 5 years. Yet, I'm sad to say that there are many things I have not done in the city!

Thanks to a wonderful planner and fabulous ladies, I was able to check two more things of the list!

We started off our fun evening at the Art Institute!! I must admit I was a little apprehensive about my potential enjoyment level as I have never really been that into art. I was quickly in love with this place! From the building itself, the stairs, columns, just everything! We only had a very small window to spend here. I got lost in the Impressionism section and couldn't take my eyes off the amazing pieces. 

I stood in complete awe and admired each brush stroke, color, and the pure size of each piece. Breathtaking!  

If you didn't know, Thursday nights are free to Illinois residents so it made leaving so quickly not as bad! I definitely see a second trip around the horizon!!

We then moved the party to Jay Pritzler's pavilion in Millennium/Grant Park.

Here we unfolded our picnic baskets and enjoyed the FREE concert by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. It was a perfect perfect night to be outside!

Is there a more beautiful venue???

It was such a breathtaking evening! I just had to share!!

Happy Friday everyone! 



  1. Great post!

    Thank you for linking up with Friday's Fab Favorites!

    Lauren xx

  2. Such a fun night!